Part 3: Deploying Theia IDE using Docker

Using a web based IDE running on a remote machine

Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

Why a web based IDE?

Deploying Theia with Docker in Raspberry Pi

$ cd /home/pi
$ pwd
$ docker run -it --restart always                  \
-p 8000:3000 \
-v "$(pwd):/home/project" \
--name theia \
-d \
Unable to find image ‘brjapon/theia-arm-64:latest’ locally
latest: Pulling from brjapon/theia-arm64
856f4240f8db: Pull complete
0ea0270eaa0b: Extracting [============================================> ] 18.35MB/20.61MB
6067b7ad6974: Download complete
68eb5a3384e3: Download complete
b2dbde9a8879: Download complete
3f5e1a1094e2: Download complete
cc8f68ace72c: Download complete
3fdcd09d1408: Download complete
f35eab9cb68c: Download complete
$ hostname
Theia web IDE deployed in the home folder of the user
Accessing a bash terminal from Theia web IDE

Docker under the hood

856f4240f8db: Pull complete 
0ea0270eaa0b: Pull complete
6067b7ad6974: Pull complete
68eb5a3384e3: Pull complete
b2dbde9a8879: Pull complete
3f5e1a1094e2: Pull complete
cc8f68ace72c: Extracting [============> ] 2.261MB/9.002MB
3fdcd09d1408: Download complete
f35eab9cb68c: Download complete
pi@pi4-M2:~$ docker imagesREPOSITORY          TAG    IMAGE ID      CREATED           SIZE        
hello-world latest a29f45ccde2a 8 months ago 9.14kB
brjapon/theia-arm64 latest 72a8b2590f3f 11 months ago 315MB
pi@pi4-M2:~$ docker psCONTAINER ID          IMAGE                COMMAND  
002e8fcbad06 brjapon/theia-arm64 "node /home/theia/sr…"
2 weeks ago Up 2 minutes>3000/tcp theia


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